‘Rally’ simply means bring together. Our business model is based on a philosophy rooted in an African proverb which states, “Let the elephant fell the trees, let the bush pig dig the holes , let the mason wasp fill in the walls , let the giraffe put up the roof - then we will have a house”, hence Rallycon is a multi disciplined company in the construction field .


With a workforce that have worked their way up the ladder of expertise and inherently understands this diversity field very well , we are able to offer a ‘turn key’ solution with excellent conditions and a guarantee of highest standards of integrity .


Our operations are supported by an integrated quality management system that underpins every aspect of each individual project with precision and utmost priority.


We hereby present this to you for your perusal analysis with the hope of a viable and flourishing  partnership .We are at your deposal at the earliest time convenient to you with regard to anything business wise. If the existence of a problem is reason enough to solicit an answer Rallycon is the solution!!!


To be a customer centric business that provides excellent conditions with highest standards of integrity .



Rallycon PTY(LTD) is build on vision of accountability . This is non – negotiable by all accounts as we strive to deliver  consistently flawless standards in service , health and safety . Ours is a spirit that is entrepreneurial by vision and systematic by mission !!!